Horror Masks

This Halloween, choose a scary mask and scare the pants off all your friends. Inspired mostly by evil villains from scary movies, these costumes come with gory details in addition to ghastly appearances. Wear one of these masks and party guests will remember the scary scenes from popular Halloween time films. Even if you didn't know the story of Leatherface, the famous Texas Chainsaw Massacre slasher, it is hard to find a more horrifying mask. Made to look like pieces of old skin stitched together, this gruesome guise is a very convincing replica of the iconic movie characters hideous look.

You'll be fit for a night of game playing in a mask like the one Jigsaw wore in Saw. This criminal mastermind abducts test subjects, putting them in situations they can only escape by taking action that is extremely harmful or unpleasant. Part of the horror of this film comes from the fact that most of the test subjects don't ever see Jigsaw, only his creepy clown like mask. Though it is reminiscent of a human face, the disguise looks more like a puppet than a person. Fighting against an unknown, inhuman opponent makes the battle much more daunting.

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