If you're dressing for Carnival or Mardi Gras then you will want one of our dramatic masquerade masks. We have domino and Venetian masks with straps or sticks. Some are very simple and plain, others are incredibly elaborate and feature feathers, ribbons, and appliques. Venetian masks have been a tradition in the carnival of Venice for centuries. The custom expanded to other parts of Europe and eventually to the New World, wear masks are commonly worn in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. These masks come in a variety of styles, from small eyes masks to ones that cover the whole face.

The basic domino or cat's eye mask just covers the face around the eyes and over the bridge of the nose. The most basic of these masks are solid colors with no designs or decorations. The often have a simple elastic strap or cord to tie, although some may come attached to a handle. There's no limit, however, to how elaborate the fancier ones might be. These small masks can often be gilded, adorned with sequins, have intricate patterns, and lots of attached accessories like feathers, ribbons, and lace.

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