Treat Bags & Handbags

Have you noticed that most Halloween costumes don't have pockets? You have things you need to hold with you, but you don't want to bring a regular purse or satchel out and throw off your whole costume. You have a cell phone, wallet, and keys that you have to carry with you. What ever are you going to do? How about purchase one of these themed handbags? With all the different styles these bags come in, you'll be sure to find one that matches your costume.

Some of these handbags play an essential role to a costume, and others are just perfect for blending in. Imagine how different the Wizard of Oz would be if Dorothy was without her basket. There would be no where for Toto to stay sheltered, and the evil town's lady probably would have captured him for good. You can't be one hundred percent believable dressing up as Dorothy without her picnic basket. It would just be incomplete, like a prom dress without a clutch.

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