Zombie & Witch Accessories

Our cuter and goofier witch accessories will put smiles on faces. We offer a few decorations that dress up mice in witch outfits and we have various tights in striped patterns that fit well with the witch look. If you want a tall hat with attached accessories, we have those, too, and all you've got to do is choose whether a spider or lace is more your style. Then there's the scarier side of witches, the side that features the legends and all the other stories about their covens. Take a look at some of our prosthetics and makeup kits and decide how you'd like to dress up. With the right details, you can revive the fear people had in witches long ago. 

Witch costumes are a popular choice for the spookiest holiday of the year, but don't settle for acceptable when you can go all out and make yourself legendary. Create a new outfit for any witching event you've got planned using these accessories. 

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